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Kronborg After Hours

Kronborg After Hours
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Kronborg After Hours

Every Thursday in October, you will be able to experience Kronborg Castle after it's closed as somethine very special. When the castle is prepared for the night, the lights in the royal apartment is turned off, and all the castle hosts have gone home, a guide will invite you inside the quiet, dark castle. Together you move through magnificent halls, private chambers, walk up winding staircases and through locked doors lit only by the fading evening light and your flashlights. All spiced up with the best stories about the 600-year-old castle and its residents.

The tour starts exactly at 18.00, after which the group enters and the gate will be locked. Therefore, if you arrive later than 18.05, it will not be possible to join the tour.

Practical information
Tickets can be purchased online
The tour takes approximately 1 hour
Meeting place: On the castle bridge - in front of the red gate
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