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Ticket for Kronborg Castle

Ticket for Kronborg Castle
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Ticket for Kronborg Castle

Few places in the world are steeped in as much drama and history as Kronborg Castle. Kronborg Castle is both a formidable medieval fortress and a Renaissance castle. Its corridors are haunted by the spirit of Hamlet's ghost. 

Visit the entire castle, explore the royal rooms and what was once the largest ballroom in Northern Europe where the famous Kronborg tapestries hang. Enjoy the view of the magnificently ornate Renaissance chapel, not to mention the dark casemates where Holger Danske dwells, ready to wake up and come to Denmark's succour in the hour of need.

Practical information
The ticket provides access to: The Castle, the exhibition 'A Royal History', the Casemates, the Chapel & our daily guided tours.
Kronborg Castle unfortunately is not suited for people with walking difficulties or people who use a wheelchair.
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