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Day Ticket for The Museum of Danish Resistance

Day Ticket for The Museum of Danish Resistance
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Day Ticket for The Museum of Danish Resistance

Go underground during the period of occupation in Denmark and experience the World War II resistance fight up close.

In the dark, shadowy streets of the occupation period you'll meet five historical figures. Everyone has chosen a side and everyone must face the consequences.

Follow their dangerous and unsafe lives. Dive into acts of sabotage, produce illegal newspapers, crack codes and intercept telephone calls.

See how Danes had to choose between whether they wanted to join the resistance, collaborate with the Germans - or try to continue with their everyday lives as usual.

It was never easy to choose a side. The people and the leaders of the country faced many moral and personal dilemmas in meeting with the German armed forces, the Wehrmacht.

Ever since the liberation, the resistance fight has been in the Danish consciousness and that day is still being debated today: Who were the heroes and who were the villains at the time? And was the reality during the occupation as black and white as the photographs of the time?

Practical information
Opening hours: October - May: 10 AM - 5 PM Tuesday through Sunday & May - September Monday through Sunday
Address: Esplanaden 13, 1263 København K
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