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Meet The Danes at the National Museum

Meet The Danes at the National Museum
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Meet The Danes at the National Museum

Get a local’s personal view on Danish “hygge”, happiness and the Danish welfare system on this guided tour. The tour is included in a regular ticket but we recommend booking in advance.

Are Danes really among the happiest people in the world? How does the Danish royal family manage to be so popular? Why are there so many bicycles in Denmark? Why on earth do Danes think it’s safe to leave their babies sleeping in prams on the street while they are in a café? And why are the Danes so crazy about their flag? At the National Museum in the heart of Copenhagen you can now get a unique insider’s view of the Danes, Danish society, and the values that have shaped the country.

Practical information
Address: Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 København
The ticket gives access to the rest of the Museum the same day